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Pull up a seat, grab a cup of tea, and change the world with me.

When we are young, I believe we all experienced what we were meant to do. Whether its playing in the garden mixing mud, sticks, and grass together, burying and putting on a funeral service for dead animals your cats killed and brought to your door(to your horror and their satisfaction), or simply making a decision to do something, regardless of the excuses, the coincidences, or outcomes. I think as kids we have the clarity to figure out what it is we love in the world because in that moment you only are aware of what is and not what could be. This mind set in young children is why they also think that its totally fine to sit naked next to a busy highway with their teddy bear (is anybody surprised it was, yet again, me?)

All of the above things, I did as a child. But when I think about all the things I choose to do with my life now, I see my child like self bubbling to the surface the more often I get to do these things. Living in north Idaho has given me this chance to dive right back in to my childhood fantasies of running around in the rain, playing in the dirt free from the strains of society and its expectations, walking through the mountains without coming across a soul, sitting with myself while the silence and stillness reverberates within me.

My childhood dreams brought me to southern Utah to be a rabbit caregiver at the largest animal sanctuary in the country, Best Friends Animal Society. My childhood dreams carried me through the jungles of Costa Rica, through the churches of Italy, across the great expanse of the United States from backpacking in North Carolina to homesteading in North Idaho. My childhood dreams made me an herbal maniac, the kind of nut who baked cookies with dandelion blossoms and cant go on a walk without at least one specimen to take home and research. my childhood dreams made me a wilderness therapy mentor, working with girls that need the help I was lucky to have when I was a teenager. But of all the crazy wild and silly things I’ve done because of my childhood dreams, the most wild silly, crazy one Ive done is live with the one I love (plus the 4 legged ones) without a plan to ever leave.


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